We are all about dry-aged

We are all about dry-aged

King Of Steak

La Bête – We are all about dry-aged

          The dry-aging of meat, is one of the oldest techniques out there, when it comes to meat conditioning. The entire carcass or wholesale cut, is hung up at a set temperature and time in a refrigerated room, where it is exposed to steady humidity and optimal air quality. Here, it can mature and rest and reach its highest possible grade, instead of lying in an airtight plastic wrap. Here it can do, what meat loves to do most: it can breathe.

          The dry-aged meat in time expresses its gratitude, by presenting us with a refined, unique and intense aroma. The pleasure associated with dry-aged meat is like nothing you have ever tasted before. The texture cannot be compared to an “ordinary piece of meat”. So no wonder dry-aged beef is renowned by foodies as the “king of meats” on the steak menu.

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